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NQC Highlight from Vicki

October 3, 2009

You would think the highlight of my week would be having my husband and his group win several awards (and that was very nice) but it was not. The highlight of my week was getting to meet a little 5 month old baby. His name was Andrew, if I remember correctly. Michael called me over and said, “I want you to see this baby.” So over I went, and there was this little guy in a stroller with tubes coming out of his nose. His head was very large, and I learned that he has hydrocephalus, commonly referred to as water on the brain. He has 10% of his brain functioning. Because of his condition, he is expected to die before this Christmas. Now that in itself was not what was so exceptional about this child. What was so amazing was that his parents had adopted him. His mother told me they had traveled all the way to Texas to get him. Nobody else wanted him, and in her words, “Everybody needs a mama.” 

I asked her if I could touch him, and she said yes, that I could touch his hands and arms. So I began rubbing them very lightly. As I looked at this child I saw that he reacted to touch — his eyes would open a bit wider and move around. I asked her questions about him like could he hear, etc. I couldn’t help thinking about how thankful to God I am for the great health of my own children and I couldn’t prevent the tears from coming. And I couldn’t help but be awed that his parents took on such a challenge. To adopt a child they know they will be saying goodbye to very soon.

Later on his mom came back to our booth and asked if I would like to hold him, saying that he was doing well. So I immediately followed her and she also asked Melissa Brady, Jim’s wife to come. It was at this time that I realized that the parents were also singers with a booth at the convention. We were headed to their booth. And more amazing things were there. There was a little black girl in a wheelchair. I think her name was Emily — I’m so bad with names. She was so cute, and she would smile when anyone would talk to her. Over in a chair there was another little sleeping girl that the mother said was autistic. They had adopted these three special needs children because their biological mothers for whatever reason felt they couldn’t care for them.

Melissa got sidetracked on the way (you have to understand that singers often can’t get 3 feet at Convention without being stopped to talk to someone) so I got to hold Andrew first. When his mom handed him off he started to fuss a bit. We finally got settled on a couch and I got to hold him for quite a while. I think about the Dr. Seuss book, Horton Hears A Who and the part where all the Whos have to yell, “We’re here, We’re here, WE’RE HERE!” to try to save themselves. And watching that child, I think he was saying, “I’m here, I’m here, I’M HERE!” He fussed when he was not comfortable. He moved his eyes in reaction to touch. And when Melissa held him, he looked like a body builder flexing the muscles in his arms, which his mom explained was his way of showing excitement. I suggested to Melissa that she sing to him, which she did. And he flexed his arms in response. I think that no matter what the condition of that little boy’s brain, there is a spirit inside there saying, “I’m here! I’m human! I’m made in the image of God!” 

Thank God that his mother didn’t abort him. I got to see the dignity and sanctity of human life up close and personal. It was displayed in that little baby, his siblings and his parents. And that was the highlight of my time at NQC.


Singing News Fan Awards

September 24, 2009

Hey guys,

Michael, Jim and I want to say how humbled and grateful we are for all the kindness that was shown to us last Saturday night at the Singing News Award Show. God has so blessed us!! We just want to be faithful to His call on our lives. The fact that He allows any of us to serve Him is an unspeakable privilege!!! We ask you, our dear friends, please keep us before His Throne daily in prayer. We’re mature enough in Christ to know that we cannot serve Him in our own strength. And pray that He keeps us focused, strong, and obedient to His will. May God bless you,  Friends!!

In the Lamb, Ronnie


NQC Kick Off!

September 15, 2009

Well…we’ve arrived in Louisville and we’re preparing for a GREAT week!! So many of you have said that you will be attending this year and we’re looking forward to seeing you at booth #501.  If you’ve never attended the National Quartet Convention you need to be sure to make plans to attend this annual event. The week gets kicked off with the doors opening on Monday afternoon and the excitement only builds from that moment. By the end of the week the electricity is palpable.  If you aren’t attending this year make sure you attend next year – you will NOT be disappointed!!!

Please keep us in your prayers this week. NQC week is a fun week but it’s also very busy and the schedule can be demanding. Some of us have been a little under the weather and battling bronchitis and hoarseness. Pray that the Lord will give good rest to all of us as well as the staff who will be working the booth. We love you all and wish that everyone could be with us this week!!!