How Blessed We Are

May 10, 2010

Written by Priscilla Booth (Mom)

“And whose wife are you?” is the most frequently asked question I receive from those of you who call the Booth Brothers’ office.  I proudly say, “I’m Ronnie and Michael’s mother.”  It can’t get any better than to be able to work for your sons and be a part of an organization that you know is being used of God to touch lives for eternity.  

I was working for an insurance company when an opening came up in the Booth Brothers’ office.  I decided I would rather work for my boys than an insurance company so I left that job.  That was almost seven years ago.  What a joy it has been all these years seeing what God has done through the Booth Brothers and how they have grown since I have been with them.   

I especially love reading all the emails you send to the office.  I don’t get to see many of their concerts but I read your emails how God is using them to minister to your needs.  I try to answer every email, unless I get too far behind, but I always make a copy of every email and send it to the bus for the guys to read as they travel down the road.  I want them to know how many people are writing them but mostly how God is using their songs and words to meet a specific need in your lives.   

I can’t miss this opportunity to tell you a few things about my boys that I’m sure they would never tell you.  Ronnie was four years old when his sister, Melissa, was born.  So he was our only child for those four years.  He loved music from the very start.  Since his dad was singing with the Toney Brothers in Michigan when he was born, he was always around music.  He would ride “Bubbles” (his rocking horse) and hold Andy (his rag doll under his arm) and listen to his daddy’s records for hours.  At age 2-1/2 his dad joined the Rebels Quartet and we moved to Tampa, Florida.  When I would take him to one of their concerts, he would stand on the pew, us my lipstick or a pen as a microphone, and sing along with his dad (with the same movements he has today).  Everyone was watching him instead of the group so I always had to sit in the back row.  He not only listened to the recordings, but learned to sing all the songs too.  At age five he sang The Night Before Easter on the Rebels’ TV program that aired on about 20 stations.   

There are six years between Ronnie and Michael.  Believe it or not, Michael was very timid and shy when he was little.  He never attempted to sing in school like his sister Melissa and Ronnie.  He loved music too but it was playing drums.  He would use pots and pans, wooden spoons, or anything he could find to make up a drum set.  When he was in junior high, he started playing drums in the school band.  He and his dad repainted a used drum set and he was off and running playing drums.  Over the years he perfected his love for the drums receiving the Louise Armstrong Jazz Scholarship when he graduated from high school.  He was never interested in singing until one day when he was 17 he came to his dad and asked if they could start a group.  He believed he could minister to people better by singing than playing the drums.  Since he never tried to sing, we didn’t know if he could even sing.  His dad could hear something good in his voice, but he definitely did not know how to sing parts.  It was a long process of singing one note at a time until he began to hear his part.  I have never seen a more persistent person than Michael was for the first several years he sang.  He would push himself to do more and more even though he was scared to death.  He once said, “I have to catch up to Ronnie and Dad because they’ve been singing so long.”  Hearing him today you would never know what a struggle he had learning to sing.  

 Our family has gone through some rough years as most of you know.  I would never want to go through those years again, but Ronnie and I are so thankful for the strength and wisdom God has shown us.  He will provide no matter what life puts in front of you.  He WILL be with you and He WILL restore your joy in his own time.  The Booth Brothers are living proof of His promises.  I will never forget where we came from and how God brought us to this point in our lives.  How blessed we are to have three wonderful children, two wonderful daughter-in-laws (Vicki & Kim), one wonderful son-in-law (Eddie Sims) who have such a heart to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, and an extra  bonus of eight wonderful grandsons.



  1. Dear Mom Booth. I had the honour of taking my mom and a lot of my family to a concert in Listowel Ontario on oct 16. Dad couldn’t make it, he decided to go to heaven back in may this year. I just want you to know for the last three years i have contemplated suicide many times. My valley would not end. I would listen to nothing but “your boys” every day. It’s got me though PTL. It’s sunday morning, as i sit on the couch looking at 5 booth brothers dvds and 5 new cds, which one do i play first? Thank God for kleenex. Blessings to y’all

  2. Hello Priscilla, thank-you for sharing your story, you and your husband have raised a wonderful family and I know you are very proud of them. Take care.

  3. How very interesting your note was. But, do you ever feel like there are times when you have three sons? They look so much alike that they could be brothers w/o any problems. My husband and I have enjoyed them for as long as we have heard them. When he died in 2008 after a bout of cancer, I decided that one thing I would not give up is gospel singing. We do not have any stations for gospel music in our area, it seems like Kansas City prefers the new rock or just praise songs. But, i still play the CD’S and go on. I so enjoyed going to Lamar, MO to see them. It was such a blessed night. I always ask someone about any group that I want to become a fan of, and w/o one change, I received the same answers wherever Iasked: “What you see is what they are!” What a blessing!!!

  4. Mrs. Priscilla,
    Just a note to say how much I love your boys. They are dear friends to me. They have always treated me so kindly. I know that they love God. I don’t know when they will be back in Mobile, but I can hardly wait. Haha! You and I have talked a couple of times through email and I have enjoyed talking that way occasionally to you. God bless you and Brother Ron,and the boys and their families. Enjoy those grandchildren. Talk to you later.
    In Christ,

  5. Hi Mrs. Booth,
    Too many years have passed. I don’t know if you remember me. Ronnie meant so much to my mother. Her dream for him was to have as many people hear him sing as possibly could. She’d be proud of him today. Ronnie was so very kind her last days and spoke to her on the phone while she was in Hospice. It was his cd we played at her funeral. It’s what she would have wanted. I know you, Mr. Booth, Melissa, Ronnie and Michael will agree that your lives have been blessed beautifully. Family is so important, it’s wonderful to know yours. Thanks for having such an amazing family. I don’t run into Melissa very often, I’m going to make it a point to find her and catch up. I pray you and your family will continue to be blessed as you already are. Thanks for all your hard work and for this new blog you have created. It is wonderful.

  6. Dear Priscilla.

    I just wanted to share with you that you have two wonderful, Godly sons. My husband, Bob, and I first saw the Booth Brothers in Wimauma, FL @ a Bill Bailey concert and they were asking for help with their old bus….they’ve certainly come along way, haven’t they!!! LOL And, it’s so well deserved. We enjoy their ministry and always go to see them whenever they’re close by.

  7. thank you for thoses stories,they are 6 boys and 3 girls in my family and we know what family love with Gods help does.me an my family have seen the booth bros 2 times so far and love there message of Gods love.cant wait to see them again,hope to see them in chattanooga tn.thank you for haveing such God loveing men in your family.

  8. Dear Priscilla, I don’t know if you would remember me, I was Paul and Gloria Taylor’s daughter. You were one of my Sunday School teachers in the old Gilead, and your wedding was the first wedding I had ever attended, you were so beautiful and I thought you looked like a princess. I married Gary Stewart and we have 3 children, and 2 grandsons. We moved to Columbia, Tn some 20 years ago. I loved your newsletter, and just had to talk to you. Are you on facebook w/ the old Gilead gang?


    Lynne Taylor Stewart

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am a new recruit to the Booth Brothers as I live in Scotland and have only recently come across their music. I have been so blessed since listening to their wonderful voices. I too have come through some tough times in my life and that of my family but with God’s wonderful grace and His everlasting arms supporting us throughout those times we can only humbly give Him our thanks and our praise.
    Thank you for the music of the Booth Brothers and I pray that they will continue to minister in song to our great God and heavenly Father.

  10. Thanks for sharing this with us Priscilla. It was very interesting and thanks for your part in the ministry.

  11. Miss Priscilla,

    That was as good a testimony as one of the “boys” could have given. I am certainly blessed by what you have written. Michael, Ronnie, Jim, and Billy are very special to some of us out here in Texas. And from our conversations with them, you are a very important part of what they do. Thanks for all you do.

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